November 16, 2023

Toray Medical Co., Ltd.

EURO PCR (The World-Leading Course in interventional cardiovascular medicine)

EURO PCR 2023 took place from 16-19 May 2023 in Paris, France. The conference is the largest interventional cardiology congress in Europe, attended by more than 11,500 medical professionals from all over the world, and Toray Medical Co., Ltd. participated.

In addition to the usual display of the INOUE-BALLOON Catheter, a new initiative, the INOUE-BALLOON product training using the HEARTROID 3D heart simulator, was held at our booth this year in collaboration with JMC and Taichi Holdings, and many medical professionals were able to learn about the INOUE-BALLOON. The event was a great success with many visitors taking part in training using simulators in conditions under real cases. We would like to thank the many customers who attended the event.

Similar product training will take place at EURO PCR 2024 with pre-registration, and we look forward to welcoming many medical professionals to the event.