February 14, 2019

Toray Medical Co., Ltd.

Functional improvement – TORAY Single Patient Dialysis Machine TR-8000

We are pleased to announce the launch of our upgraded Single Patient Dialysis Machine TR-8000 from February 2019 onward. Please see the features as follows.

  1. Easy operability by changing the position of external parts
    - The position of rinse ports, couplers and bicarbonate cartridge was changed and you can operate them without squat.
    - Casters became larger and you can move it by less power.
  2. Improvement of standard functions
    - The chamber level adjustment has been newly equipped as standard
    - Self-test time became shorter
  3. Various new options and accessories
    - BVM, Kt/V indicator, Bicarbonate cartridge, etc.

Supported by the advanced technologies of TORAY, TR-8000 offers comfortable dialysis treatment to patients, easy operation to medical staff and contributes to medical development.