June 20, 2017

Toray Medical Co., Ltd.

54th ERA-EDTA Congress in Madrid, Spain
– IFEMA Feria de Madrid-

From Jun 2nd to 6th, 54th ERA-EDTA congress was held in Madrid, Spain and we exhibited our only-one products, PMMA membrane dialyzer which is well known as bio compatibility dialyzer.
EDTA is one of the biggest events of dialysis field and more than 6,800 participants were registered this year.
In this congress, we participated in the industrial symposium and the following speakers showed the clinical benefit of PMMA membrane dialyzer.
Our symposium "Novel clinical potential of adsorptive dialysis membrane" took place on Jun. 4th and Professor Panichi, Dr. Cantaluppi, Dr. Masakane and Dr. Abe made a presentation of clinical benefits of PMMA membrane dialyzer.
In this symposium, Italian Professor Panichi talked about sCD40L which is a predictive marker of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in CKD and Dr. Cantaluppi talked about the reduction of sCD40L levels by using BK-F (PMMA) dialyzer.
A Japanese well-known nephrologist, Dr. Masakane made a presentation about the clinical benefit of new PMMA membrane (NF) and finally Dr. Abe showed the data of comparison of different synthetic dialyzer membranes on mortality in hemodialysis patients in Japan.
The results suggest that PMMA membrane will statistically improve the vital prognosis of patients in comparison to Polysulfone membrane. (T. Kato)