May 10, 2017

Toray Medical Co., Ltd.

Toraymyxin Symposium and Exhibition at ISICEM 2017 in Brussels

From Mar. 21stthrough Mar. 24th, International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) 37thannual congress is held in Brussels, Belgium. ISICEM is one of the leading events in its field, now attracting more than 6,000 participants worldwide. During the congress, collaborating with our Italian partner, ESTOR, we had an exhibition booth and Toraymyxin Symposium titled “Endotoxic septic shock: the unmet clinical challenge” on Mar 23rd. In order to provide positive and practical information of Toraymyxin, we arranged 3 experienced doctors. For the introduction, one of the world leaders of blood purification therapy, Dr. Ronco talked about some clinical experiences and effectiveness of Toraymyxin explaining the difficulties of evidence-based medicine by RCT. In conclusion, he explained that numerous studies have confirmed that Toraymyxin improves survival in patients who do not respond to standard therapy. After that, Dr. Ferrer from Barcelona talked about septic shock including new sepsis definition. As a conclusion, a president of European ICU Society, Prof. Antonelli explained about major Toraymyxin studies such as EUPHAS, EUPHAS-2, ABDOMIX and EUPHRATES. One of our aims was to make audiences consider about the importance of real practical situation including any possible therapy in order to improve and rescue patients. Most impressive message was done by Dr. Ronco that he would continue to use Toraymxyin even if the US study was success or not.

(By A. Shimomura)

  • Toraymyxin Lunch Symposium

  • Presentation by Dr. Ronco

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