Balloon Catheter for PTMC (Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Commissurotomy)




"INOUE-BALLOON" CATHETER is the first non-surgical device for a treatment against mitral stenois.


"INOUE-BALLOON" CATHETER (IBC) is indicated for PTMC (Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Commissurotomy) in patients with mitral stenosis.
IBC is inserted percutaneously and transvenously into the heart to inflate the hour-glass shape of the balloon part to a barrel shape and thereby expand the mitral valve that has been adhered shut.


Model number, specifications


Cat. No. Balloon Diameter Range Catheter Size Patient Height
Fr. Size Length
PTMC-30, IMS-30 26mm - 30mm 12Fr. 70cm >180cm
PTMC-28, IMS-28 24mm - 28mm 12Fr. 70cm >160cm
PTMC-26, IMS-26 22mm - 26mm 12Fr. 70cm >147cm
PTMC-24, IMS-24 20mm - 24mm 12Fr. 70cm ≦147cm
PTMC-22, IMS-22 20mm - 22mm 12Fr. 70cm ≦147cm
PTMC-20, IMS-20 18mm - 20mm 12Fr. 70cm ≦147cm
Cat. No. Description Size Length
KMS-1 Balloon stretching tube 1.2mm 80cm
DMS-1 Dilator 14Fr. 70cm
SMS-1 Stylet 0.97mm (0.038") 80cm
GMS-1 Guidewire 0.64mm (0.025") 175cm
Cat. No. Description Size Length
NMS-1 Ruler 0mm ~ 40mm ±0.5mm

*IMS-30, IMS-28, IMS-26, IMS-24, IMS-22, IMS-20 contains the balloon catheterr and syringe only.

2.Set contents:

Name of set item Purpose
①Inoue Balloon Catheter (IBC) Dilation of valve
②Balloon stretching tube Elongation of balloon
③Dilator Dilation of insertion
④Guidewire Guiding of catheter and dilator
⑤Stylet (Spring) Directing balloon to valve
⑥Syringe Inflation of balloon
⑦Ruler Measurement of balloon diameter