Single Patient Dialysis Machine TQS-88

Single patient dialysis machine

Single Patient Dialysis Machine TQS-88

Single Patient Dialysis Machine TQS-88(Catalog)


Supported by the advanced technologies of Toray, Type:TQS-88 offers comfortable dialysis treatment to patients and easy operation to medical staff.

  1. Humanized design & Convinient operation
    10.4 inch LCD touch panel, Drip chamber level adjustment, etc.
  2. Optional functions for comfortable dialysis treatment
    Bicarbonate cartridge holder, On Line HDF, Kt/V Indication, BVM(Blood Volume Monitor), etc.
  3. Effective maintenance assistant
  4. Safety and reliability of treatment based on advanced technology


The single patients dialysis machine can perform prescribed dialysis which adjust the dialysate conductivity in accordance with each patient. It mainly consists of Monitor/alarm part, Dialysate supply/UF control part, Extracorporeal blood circuit part, and Electrical control part.

Production sales agency:

Toray Medical (Qinddao) Co., Ltd.

Model number, specifications

Technical data

Power supply: 220-230V,50/60Hz
Max.power consumption: 1.5 kVA
Dimensions (W X H X D): 322 X 1,378, X 375 mm main body only
Weight: max. 85 Kg
Pressure of supplied water: 0.1 to 0.3 Mpa
Flow rate of supplied water: 800mL/min or greater
Temperature of supplied water: 5 to 30 ℃
Quality of supplied water: equivalent to or better than ISO23500 Guidance
Range of dialysate temperature regulation: 33 to 40 ℃
Range of dialysate flow rate regulation: 300 to 700 mL/min
Range of UF rate regulation: 0.00 to 5.00 L/h
Range of dialysate conductivity regulation:
 Acetate dialysis and bicarbonate dialysate 13.0 to 16.0 mS/cm in 1-9 steps (in increments of 0.3mS/cm)
Substitution pump rate setting range: 0.0-18.0 L/h (On-line HDF option)
Substitution goal amount setting range: 0.01 - 99.99L (On-line HDF option)
Range of blood flow rate regulation:
 Inner Diameter 8.0mm 0, 30 to 600 mL/min
 Inner Diameter 6.5mm 0, 20 to 400 mL/min
Range of syringe flow regulation: 0.0 to 9.9 mL/h (with rapid function)
Available syringe size: 10 mL / 20 mL / 30 mL
Air bubble detector: ultrasonic detection system
 Sensitivity: Greater than 0.020 mL
Greater than 0.3 μL (Continuous air bubbles)
Blood leak detector: Photoelectric detection system
 Sensitivity: Greater than 300 ppm (Ht.32%±2%, 37℃ condition)
Disinfection: Hot water disinfection or chemilcals

Monitor section

Dialysate temperature indicator: 0.0 to 99.9℃
Dialysate flow meter: 300 to 800 mL/min
Venous pressure indicator: -200 to +400 mmHg
Arterial pressure indicator: -400 to +500 mmHg
Dialysate pressure indicator: -400 to +400 mmHg
UF rate setter: 0.00 to 5.00 L/h
UF goal-setting device: 0.00 to 40.00 L
Syringe pump flow rate indicator: 0 to 9.9 mL/h

Safety design

  • Status lamp (4 colors)
  • Self-test of hydraulic line
  • TMP monitor/TMP alarm
  • Compliance with IEC60601-1, IEC60601-2-16 requirements


  • Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Bicarbonate Cartridge Holder
  • Double Pump Single Needle
  • On-Line HDF
  • On-Line HDF and Substitution shortage sensor
  • Data Communications
  • Endotoxin Retentive Filter Leak Test Function
  • Kt/V Indicaton
  • Blood Volume Monitor


  • Priming funnel
  • Holder for ETRF
  • ETRF cover
  • Handle
  • Concentrate tray
  • Disinfectant tanks
  • Disinfectant bracket
  • Concentrate centralized piping bracket
  • Holder for BVM
  • Nurse call cable
  • Baskets for blood pressure monitor cuff