Toraylight NS


Toraylight NS

Tolaylight NS(Catalog)


The material of fiber of Toraylight NS is Polysulfone membrane.
The Toraylight NS is a high flux dialyzer, it offers higher level of removal performances for low molecular weight proteins such asβ2-MG. Toraylight NS is 60% lighter than our previous wet type dialyzer and it features high efficiency of thermal recycle.


This device is the hollow fiber dialyzer which shall be used in acute or chronic hemo dialysis treatment in order that renal failure patients could remove the excessive water in the body and uric toxins sucha as urea, creatinine, phosphate, β2-MG, etc.

Production sales agency:

Toray Industries, Inc.

Model number, specifications

Toraylight NS-S:

Type NS-15S NS-18S NS-21S
Fibers Effective surface area(m2 1.5 1.8 2.1
Membrane thickness(μm) 40
Blood volume(mL) 96 111 130
UFR in vitro(mL/hr/mmHg)1) 47 50 53
Clearance in vitro 2)
Urea(mL/min) 194 195 196
Creatinine(mL/min) 186 190 193
Phosphate(mL/min) 182 188 193
Vitamin B12(mL/min) 145 151 161

Inside diameter:200μm, Material:Polysulfone, Housing material:Polypropylene
Sterilization:Gamma-ray irradiation, Maximum TMP:66kPa(500mmHg)

  1. Bovine blood in vitro Ht30±3%, TP6.0±0.5g/dL, QB=200±4mL/min, Temp:37±1℃, TMP13.3kPa±1.3kPa(100mmHg)
  2. in vitro QB=200±4mL/min, QD=500±10mL/min, QF=10±2mL/min, Temp: 37±1℃

Clearances are data with aqueous solution.