Toray Filtryzer NF-U


Toray Filtryzer NF-U

Toray Filtryzer NF-U(Catalog)


The Filtryzer NF-U is one of the advanced high flux PMMA membranes. It offers not only excellent biocompatibility and higher adsorption capacity of proteins like as previous models, but also improved the effect of anticoagulant. In addition, NF-U series has a feature of minimized albumin leakage, and it also allows to use comfortably for patients who are concerned about malnutrition.

Production sales agency:

Toray Industries, Inc.

Model number, specifications

Toray Filtryzer NF-U:

Type NF-1.3U NF-1.6U NF-1.8U NF-2.1U
Fibers Effective surface area (m2) 1.3 1.6 1.8 2.1
Effectie length (mm) 195
Inside diameter (μm) 200
Membrane thickness (μm) 30
Meterial Polymetylmethacrylate (PMMA)
Clearance (mL/min) * Urea 233 246 254 260
Creatinine 200 217 225 231
Phosphate 182 198 208 217
Vitamin B12 110 128 140 149
Inulin 62 72 77 85
UFR in vitro (mL/hr/mmHg) ** 32 38 45 48
Housing material Polystyrene
Sterilization Gamma-ray Irradiation


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